You Know You Want One
We sell our inventory on several online-auction sites and have been doing this for several years.   The firearms listed on this site are our latest offerings to go to auction.   On average we will list eight to ten new and pre-owned firearms monthly.   A significant number of our sales are with repeat customers so you can be sure our customers are 100% satisfied.   Send us an email if you have a particular firearm in mind and I will provide you with our best pricing.

If you are local to the Valley and interested in purchasing a firearm, call (610)533-4835 or email   Local sales include a PICS background check, a Federal Firearms Transfer, and you also save the cost of delivery.  PLUS... you may purchase any firearm 5% less of the starting auction price as long as no bids have been placed.   (If a bid has been placed I must let the auction play out.)
You Know You Want It
My favorite Pistol Manufacturer. . . .
Armalite Pistols, Beretta Pistols, Browning Pistols, Bushmaster Pistols, Colt Pistols, Colt Revolvers, CZ Pistols, Glock Pistols, Heckler and Koch Pistols, Hi Point Pistols, Kahr Pistols, Kel Tec Pistols, Kimber Pistols, Makarov Pistols, Norinco Pistols, Phoenix Arms Pistols, Puma Pistols, Remington Pistols, Rock River Pistols, Rossi Revolvers, Ruger Revolvers, Ruger Pistols, Sig Sauer Pistols, Smith and Wesson Pistols, Smith and Wesson Revolvers, Springfield Armory Pistols, Steyr Pistols, Taurus Pistols, Walther Pistols, Wilson Combat Pistols.
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